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Little Lulu

Sometimes I still cannot believe that I have this amazing child, and that she has made it this far. I’ve killed every houseplant I’ve ever had. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I’m not really an animal person, but I knew if I couldn’t keep a plant alive a pet was definitely not going to make it.

So here we are, my little Lulu is 7, she is a spitting image of me, healthy, alive, full of personality and I adore her so much. God is so gracious, without Him we would have never made it this far. I never ever thought that I would enjoy being a mother as much as I do. It wasn’t always that way, but by God’s grace he has brought me here and through all the trials I have grown more in love with her and welcome the challenge of shepherding her little heart.

I’ve been a single mom since Lulu was 3 months old. I chose to be, and I don’t regret a day of it. It’s been hard, and through it all I see the importance of God’s design much more clearly. I’ve been very blessed with a wonderful Church family who has helped to carry some of my burden, and my Mother has been very helpful as well over these last few years and although our family unit is just the two of us, God has shown me that He is enough, and we are certainly not without an abundance of people who love us.

So today I am most thankful for the gift of motherhood that has been bestowed on me. Although I didn’t save myself for marriage, and had a child out of wedlock, and still never married, and would never recommend going that route, God’s grace is that much brighter, and even through my sin, He has used that for my good and His glory.


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