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It’s all about me…

Well let me be the first to tell you, that kind of thinking will get you in to all sorts of trouble. That is the kind of thinking that makes you curl up in a ball at times and cry on and on about how the whole entire universe isn’t fair, and every one is out to get you.

If you think that way, you’d best just grab your tin foil hats and start preparing for the apocalypse, its going to be a long and rough journey.

I think all of us have been there a time or two, or three or, yeah yeah, and its ugly.

Well today, I’m most thankful that God has convicted me of these selfish feelings, and desires and well frankly all around self-centeredness. I’ve grown so much closer to him, just by being around, and loving, and encouraging and being encouraged by others. Yep that’s what I said… Say it with me… OTHERS. I’m sure this probably sounds a lot like other things I’ve been thankful for the last few posts, but I guess that’s just because they all seem to go hand in hand.

The more I focus on centering my life on Christ the more I desire and enjoy true fellowship with other believers. Whether it be discussing some matter of doctrine that I may or may not understand, or crying together about the trials we face, or laughing about how much we have in common, or whatever that may be, I am utterly amazed at the people God brings in and out of our lives.

If it were not for those people I would probably often retreat in to myself and well we already discussed how that turns out, Yikes.

Also, since I’ve skipped a couple entries I’m also thankful for Coffee, in many forms, but lately mostly I’m thankful for it black, and made in my French Press, It’s delicious.

I also really enjoy this song…



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