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In an instant…

…everything you own, including your life can be stripped away.


Kinda makes you think, or at least it should.

Wednesday a couple I know lost everything they own in a fire.

Saturday another young man I was acquainted with lost his life.

The best thing about these two events, in both cases, they gained Jesus.

It’s hard, I believe, to be thankful for other people’s tragedy’s. But at the same time we who put our hope and faith and trust in Jesus know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. This couple lost everything and often times when all else gets stripped away, your faith gets tested and knowing this couple I truly believe their love for Jesus only grew. What an amazing thing to really see, what a testimony to believers and unbelievers alike.

The  young man who lost his earthly life Saturday morning was a police officer for a small town nearby, I’d met him only a few times, but I have dear friends who knew him well. This was a man who was my age (27) and full of genuine zeal for Jesus. This was apparent to everyone who knew him, this man truly touched many people’s lives, and he now gets to rejoice fully in his eternal home with his Savior.

The thing that I keep thinking about is this…

Life is but a moment, your earthly treasures gone in an instant but the gift of our Lord is everlasting.


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