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Inventory Control

Last week as I was trying to figure out exactly where all my time was going. I decided it would be wise to take inventory, if there are 168 hours in a given week, not counting the short time it takes me to travel back and forth to work, and the time I spend shopping, preparing and eating meals, I’m wasting approximately 60-65 hours a week. Where is that time going? Some of it is vegging out watching movies, some of is is spent reading, some browsing the internet, but I can say not nearly enough of it is spent reading and studying God’s word.

I want to be changed by it, shaped by it, led by it, and without spending a good amount of time reading and studying it and spending time in prayer what other means shall God use? Don’t get me wrong, of course He could use many other means, BUT if I am not spending adequate time searching the scriptures, and meditating daily on His word I can easily be swayed by the winds like the chaff that is blown in every which way.

Therefore I am on a mission to slowly but surely continue to weed out those things which are not only complete and udder time wasters, but also those things that will not help me run the race (which by the way, I think we already covered the struggle I have as it is with running, not like I need anything else to weigh me down).

So, I challenge those of you who actually know me, and maybe even those of you who may not, hold me to this. Leave your comments, call me, email me, track me down and ask me how I am doing with this. Ask me how much time I’m devoting to the things of Christ, as opposed to how much time I’m devoting to the things of this world.

With that being said, I’ll shall end with this…

…“One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.”  – John Piper


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