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The High Road

It seems its been a while since I’ve made a post proclaiming my thankfulness. Seems it should be fitting too since it is the season. I know that all kinds of people struggle with the holidays. You can put me in to one of those groups. It was the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that I was first kicked out of my Mom’s house. I was 13, and like I said before, knew it all. It was cold, and snowy and I spent that first night under Monroe Street Bridge. I’ve come a long way since all that. After all, it has been 14 years since then, I would hope a lot would change. I, of course, cannot and will not take the credit. I’ve been brought to where I am today by God’s glorious grace.

I often take that for granted.

I now sleep in an oversized bed in a warm house with more room than I need. I have a bright, beautiful daughter that brings me more joy than I ever thought possible, I have running water, and toilets. I travel in a vehicle that adapts to a multitude of road conditions. I can speak openly about my faith, or anything else for that matter, I can carry my bible with me wherever I go. I can dress however I like, I can do whatever I please.

So what on Earth do I have to  complain about?

Touche! Yet I do find things to complain about. I know I’m not alone on this matter, and I’m not saying that in a misery loves company sort of a way, but have you ever really stopped to think that complaining is sin. Ultimately we are proclaiming to the God of the Universe that His plan isn’t good enough for us. Because, after all, we know whats best.


Are we really that stupid? The answer my friends is not blowing in the wind. Yes. We are that stupid.

I was in the car today listening to John McArthur preach on Philippians on this very subject. Lack of thankfulness, complaining and murmuring, and there I sat guilty as charged. Thank God for conviction. He really is removing my heart of stone, bit by bit and just as surely He is replacing it with a heart of flesh, a heart that desires to be molded in to His ways. To reflect the pure and holy light of His son to turn from the petty distractions of the day and turn to Him. I am thankful that I am being softened to my sin, because sometimes I honestly worry that I’m hardening my heart towards it. But He is faithful to to finish the work He has started in us. I’ve said it before, all though they are not my words, but the easiest way to battle lack of contentment (which is really why we are complaining in the first place) is a heart full of gratitude, so here’s my list, ya know since it’s been a while…

I’m thankful for;

God’s saving grace, for which the price paid is so much greater than I will ever fully comprehend in this lifetime.

A Church that lacks nonsense and preaches the Word of God with passion and desire to see others grow in Christ.

A church body that seeks to reach out to its own flock and take care of the needs of those not only in the body but  to those outside it as well.

My incredible daughter.

Those who care for her everyday.

The job I have in which God has given me the means to care for not only myself but others.

The opportunity to serve. Because through it I have created lasting relationships and friendships.


My hunger for learning and reading.

The fact that I fear man less and less and fear God more and more.

That God has granted me the ability to forgive and through that have rekindled relationships with friends and family.

There is sooo sooo much more, but alas I shall save that for another day. It’s helpful though to really think these things through, to flesh it out and dwell on the things that matter, instead of gripe about the things that don’t. I certainly don’t want to be nothing more than a clanging cymbal, so if I get sidetracked and seem to be headed down that direction, please by all means, give me a swift kick to the head. I won’t ask questions, I’ll know what it’s for.


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