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Success, as the world would view it, is really empty. I recently left my job of 5 years to move on to better things.
No, I’m not making more money.
No, I don’t have more power.
No, I don’t have a fancy title.
However, I couldn’t be more thankful.
This morning I awoke after a great night’s rest. I made breakfast, I prayed, I read my bible, I got to homeschool my daughter, I got to drop my daughter off with a wonderful family while I went to work, and then I got to go home. It was a pretty awesome day, and Lord willing, I get to do it all over again tomorrow.
May not sound that exciting, but let me assure you it is, it’s a prayer answered, and how could you go wrong with that?
We never know the path God has us on, until we are on it, and even then only He really knows.
Sometimes we get dealt some low blows, but we can rest in Romans 8:28. As a good friend often reminds me, it’s not about the circumstances. It’s about the glory of God.
Amen Sista, AMEN!


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