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Something’s Got A Hold On Me…

Recently I have had my whole world shaken up. It’s been a great thing, don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to complain, but it’s been quite the ride.
My unbelief has been exposed and I’ve had the opportunity to step back and take it all in. When things are stripped away and bitterness resides, you know that God wasn’t first in your heart. You were holding on to something fledgling instead as if it was all there was.
Still, God is patient and although I fail miserably over and over, he still calls me, he still tugs on my heart and chips away the stone.
He’s revealed to me that I was not looking at the world through the lens of eternity.
My actions now have a great impact. The things I watch, the music I listen to, the people I spend my time with, the things I daydream about. They effect the choices I make, they effect the way I lead my daughter, and so often I fail to take that perspective, and yet God is faithful in His promise to complete the work that He has started in me.
I sometimes believe the lies. I believe that this is all there is and I get frustrated by the things and the events going on around me, I stoke the green eyed monster of envy and question God’s motives.
Instead of resting in the promises of God, which I know to be true, I believe that my desires here and now are more then the glory that is to be revealed to me.
But like I said, recently with the changes in my life God has used it for good. He has shaken the comforts off my back, and the burdens that come along with them and placed them on the yoke Christ carries. In my weakness he has been made strong, and that is something you can rest in.



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