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A Plea…

I am a single mother, but that is not what defines me. I am first a woman, a created child of God. I wandered for years, questioning and wrestling with the emptiness of my choices and to bluntly argue against the cliche, I did wander, and I was lost.
I sought momentary pleasure in the seedy underbelly of sin, and was left more empty each and every time. In sin I conceived a child, a pure and wonderful gift. For a few years I was still wandering, I was quite literally the living dead, only I wasn’t after brains. Sadly if anything I steered clear of brains. (Haha, a little chuckle there? Maybe? Nothing? Bueller?)

It was not until my daughter was 3 that Christ began transforming my heart. I failed her as a parent in those early years, I was obviously not instructing her in the ways of the Lord. I was so much more focused on myself, and even after Christ began his work in me, that has still been the case a lot of the time. But recently I have been so convicted that my role as her sole parent is more crucial then ever. The damage I can cause her is monumental!

I always thought by now I would have married, and have focused so much more on that then on, as a good friend has said to me, blooming where I’m planted. I’ve been living in Future Lala Land, and not willingly accepting my responsibility because, well frankly, I’ve not been content with it.
But let this be a plea to you single parents out there, that is if anyone actually ever reads this, that you cannot focus on tomorrow. The bible says we do not know what our lives will be like tomorrow. But instead, today, start instructing your child in the ways of the Lord, for their souls are at risk. Stop focusing on the things that will be eaten by moth and destroyed by rust. Stop seeking after the momentary pleasure that got you where you are. Instead invest what you have now in to their precious little hearts. It’s not easy, and there will be battles along the way, but don’t give up.
Seek first the Kingdom of God and the glory that is to be revealed to us, invest in it. Those are the things that will be added unto you, and that is a promise you can hang your hat on.


One response to “A Plea…

  1. You are growing in grace, as we all are! Blessings. This is a good word.

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